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Sinopec largest condensate gas field accumulate billions of natural gas

Yakela condensate gas field is the sixth largest and largest condensate gas field in Sinopec, located in the north of the Tarim Basin. It is the core source of natural gas in the northwest oil field. It mainly supplies natural gas for the West-East Gas Pipeline Project and the local production and life. Since the full development in 2005, the gas field workers have overcome the ultra-deep (5200-5400 meters), high temperature (130-150 degrees underground temperature), high pressure (wellhead oil pressure 28-38 MPa), strong corrosion (average carbon dioxide Content of 3%) and other difficulties, and achieved a series of results, a few days ago, the cumulative production of natural gas 100 billion square.

Achieve such a great achievement, scientific management contributed In the dynamic management, the gas field technical staff adhere to the "less moving, slow control, when the investigation, and solution" management principles, to avoid frequent adjustments to the gas wells caused by injury, explore innovation "plane, layer, Four balanced development ideas. Adhere to the scientific distribution, control speed stable production, to ensure the smooth development of gas fields, the successful completion of the stable production of 10 years of established goals. In the field management, due to high pressure, large output, gathering and transportation pipeline erosion corrosion is extremely serious, coupled with the scene sand, temperature difference, sunshine long, single well hydraulic control cabinet frequency, the plant independent design and development of a set of remote Off the well, high and low pressure automatically shut down, in situ shut-in and fire automatically shut down the multi-functional in one of the "Ya Ante" liquid control cabinet, access to the national patent. After entering the use of oil and gas wells safety factor significantly improved. For the stability of gas fields to provide a guarantee.

With the deepening of oil and gas development, after the completion of the original ten years of stable production goals, the formation pressure has declined, edge water is becoming increasingly serious, stable production situation is becoming increasingly serious. From 2015 onwards, the plant organization technical backbone to carry out fine gas reservoir description, technical research. Through the rhythm layer division, the technical staff will be the production level from six subdivided into 16, the development layer from the two sets into four sets, and identify two sets of sandstone tip destroy body, summed up the "four remaining oil distribution Model, depicting the structure of the North and the eastern part of the remaining oil and gas enrichment area.Through the fine comparison, found in the gas sandstone tip destroy the body, calculate the new condensate oil reserves of 280,000 tons, 1.58 billion square meters of natural gas. The results show that there are 44 reserves potentials, and the remaining natural gas reserves are 3.58 billion square meters and the condensate oil is 693,000 tons.

Gas field scientific and technical personnel also carried out the fine gas reservoir description and gas field stable work, made in the gas lithology tip destroy the body, the main structure north expansion, Yadong structure east expansion three breakthrough, a total of new oil and gas reserves of 10.5 million tons Oil and gas equivalent. Next, the Northwest Oilfield plans to implement operations in the Yakela block 13 wells, increasing production of natural gas 506 million square, by 10.12 million tons. The deployment of five new wells, is expected to increase production of natural gas 337 million square, increased oil 67300 tons. And strive to 2.2 million natural gas production capacity, and then stable production for 5 years.