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Understand the operation of fishing tools and preparation before drilling

Combination of fishing tools

(1) the well bore is of good quality, and it is difficult to get stuck after fishing

(2) the downhole situation is not clear. It is possible to catch the drill after fishing; the overshot + safety joint + down jar + Top Gun + drilling collar + drilling tool

4. Prepare before you go down

(1) tool selection

1) according to the size of the fish to choose appropriate fishing cylinder, with the corresponding size of a slip and packing. Depending on the size of the well and the size of the hole, select the boot or increase the boot, or wall hook, to determine whether the fish catch the need to link the extension section.

2) the nominal diameter of the slip shall be less than the fishing area at the top of the fish, and the outer diameter is 1 to 3mm.

3) according to the actual situation, when the need to increase the net fishing area, can be used to increase the guide shoe; when the fish top bias wall, can choose to use the wall hook; when fishing is far from the site of the fish top, can choose to use an extended section.

(2) check

You should check and follow the tracking card before you go to the well.

5, operation

The operation of salvaging and releasing the falling fish from the fishing cylinder is the same whether it is a spiral slip or a basket slip in the barrel.

1) under calculated before Pengding party, party into the milling shoe and salvage party.

2) the fishing cylinder is connected to the fishing pole, and the tongs shall not be clamped on the cylinder so as to avoid damaging the cylinder, and the fastening torque is equal to the fishing column.

3) the reversible overshot can be lowered from 0.3 to 0.5m from the top of the fish, and the pump is circulating to wash the sediment around the top of the fish.

4) stop the pump, rotate clockwise, and drill down slowly, and probe the top of the fish.

5) according to the change of the weight of the fishing tool and the swing of the fishing tool, the slip has been turned into the fish's salvage position, and then stopped rolling and applied 3~5 tons of drilling pressure to make the falling fish slip into the slip.

6) lift the drilling tool slowly, and judge whether it is fished or not according to the weight change. Repeat these steps when you fail to obtain it.

7) will lift the fish off the bottom of the hole 0.5 ~ 0.8m, slam the brakes 2~3 times, to prove that the fish stuck, you can drill normally.

8) at the top of fish can not find the party into the top of fish, such as fishing tool length isaccurate, the back socket with increasing guide shoe or wall hook, or to add a toggle or bend drill fishing again.

9) if you need to drop out of the fish in the well, lower the drill string, rotate the drill string clockwise and lift it slowly until the reversible overshot can fall out of the fish. When you cannot exit, ground shock is recommended, and shock is struck more than 5~10 tons.

10) fishing on the fish, which can not be used when removing the column rotary drill shackle.

11) when the fish out after the wellhead wellhead should not release, but not at the wellhead back pressure loose socket, there may be pressure on the drillfloor loose fish.

12) from the fish out of the fishing cylinder, first stuck fish, with chain pliers stuck fishing cylinder, clockwise rotation can be.

Store in dry and ventilated place.

Note: if the fish is stuck, need to pump washing, need to install packing slips to install A, spiral type packing (seals and fish barrel), basket type slip to install the R type packing (seal fish and control ring) and O seal (seal ring and cylinder control), if belong to hard card or do not need to open the pump when flushing, the packing can selectively install according to customer requirements.